The Grand Mission

A big step in blending the digital and physical worlds.

Grand Land dedicated to engineering real world experiences with as much thought and intention as software and gaming companies use when creating online games and experiences.

Health & Wellness

Living and working in cities today is a stressful endeavor. Doing well at work or in school typically means long periods of time indoors without fun, outdoor activities.

We're your easy button for escaping to the city and connecting with nature. Grand Land experiences allow you to nourish and heal yourself without even thinking about it. Healthy meals, activities and even cocktails are built into experiences.

Live It don't Diet

We're not selling another digital diet but instead have offer experiences that are part of a healthy "live it".

Grand Land Memberships are an investment in a healthy lifestyle. Outdoor experiences are an age-old way to promote happiness, reduce stress and expand your perspective. Time with us is time well spent.

Grow yourself and your relationships

Stop feeding artificial social networks online and join Grand Land.

We build experiences that foster authentic interactions between people you know and want to know.

Get in touch with us.

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Company Name:
Grand Land LLC
July 2019