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How does Grand Land work?

A platform for people who live and work in cities to escape the day to day grind though adventures, excurisions and activities.
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All experiences are exclusively for Grand Land Members. Start with the free membership if you want try Grand Land out by participating in an experience to you. Make a commitment to nature with one of our paid memberships starting at $49/mo.. Paid memberships grant unlimited access, unlock private experiences and offer discounts on experiential upgrades.

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Creating a custom experience to promote your wellbeing is our mission. Once a member, curated invitations to Grand Land experiences will be sent to your inbox. Invitations will include a detailed itinerary and booking instructions. We'll ask a series of questions while you book so we can customize your experience. Feel free to share any special requests or concerns with your Grand Land Guide ahead of the trip.

Experience Nature

Grand Land's promise is to deliver a world-class, outdoor experience each and every time. That means you get to relax and unwind while we take care of all the details. Not only do we design fun experiences, we design healthy ones too. Every experience includes an activity that will raise your heart-rate, meals made with local ingredients and conversations that stimulate your mind.

Membership Levels

High standards, low prices.
Free Membership

Get exclusive invitations to every Grand Land experience. You still pay full price for admission and upgrades. Must upgrade for private experiences.

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Grand Membership

Unlimited access to Grand Land experiences without admission fees. Charter private experiences. Receive a 25% discount on upgrades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please call or text us at 512-496-5408 if you have other questions.
How do I get invited and learn more specifics about Grand Land experiences?

Grand Land experiences are exclusively for our Members. You can sign up for a "Basic" or "Grand" membership. "Basic Members" get curated invitations to Grand Land experiences near them but still have to purchase a ticket for admission. "Grand Members" pay $49/mo. to get unlimited access to Grand Land experiences without paying for admission. In both cases, you will have the option to purchase "experiential upgrades" to enhance your adventure.

What are "experiential upgrades" and how do I buy them?

We give you the opportunity to enhance your experience with Grand Land through "experiential upgrades." Upgrades start at $5 and could be a special transportation option, meal option or a professional photo package. Throughout the experience we'll keep track of the upgrades you purchase in and charge you all at once the day after the experience. We encourage Members to include a tip for your guide in that expense as well.

Can I organize a private experience for my friends?

Yes! Chartering private experiences are unlocked when you sign up for the Basic Membership. All you do is pick the date, design the experience and decide who gets invited. Grand Land will assign a professional guide to your private experience to handle logistics and communications. Payment can be in one lump sum or split up into individual payments. Submit a private experience request for a per guest price quote.