Backpack Texas 2020

Explore the stunning, remote regions of Texas through adventures with other locals on the last weekend of every month.

2020 Trips
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Adventures designed to grow you and your relationships.

We're building a community of people who live and work in Austin who want to connect with the great outdoors using experiences designed with thought and intention.

Guided and personalized
Every experience is led by an adventure guide or trip leader who, on top of keeping the group safe, gets to know you and goes the extra mile to ensure your happiness.
Expert Trip Design
Itineraries crafted to produce remarkable experiences capturing the destination's best features in an efficient yet relaxing manner.
Iconic, remote Destinations
Experience the top off-the-grid locations that Texas has to offer.
Heal and grow through nature

Eliminate the distractions of day-to-day life by immersing yourself in nature, elevating your heart rate and eating local, seasonal food.

Increase happiness and cognition
Science has proven outdoor experiences are therapeutic for our mind, body and soul.
Elevate your heart rate
Surviving in the wild was the first type of exercise. Get your blood flowing through long hikes and nights sleeping outside.
Heal Your Gut
Authentic meals that will power you through the adventure and leave you feeling better afterwards.
Affordable, turnkey adventure trips

Experiences are managed by professional staff so you can save yourself the headache of planning, organizing and communicating the trip.

Door-to-door Transportation
Instead of driving all across Texas, get picked up and dropped off by a private driver at the location of your choice.
All meals cooked and prepped
Don't worry about packing food or cooking in the wild. Your trip leader will make sure your belly stays full.
A price you'll love
An elevated experience for a fraction of the price.

An adventure type for everyone.

We want you to know what you're getting into so trips are rated based on difficulty levels described below.
Camping Retreat

Fun and relaxing camping trips that anyone can participate in. We'll setup your tent, cook your food and organize a variety of rejuvenating activities. Not actually a backpacking trip.

Backpacking Trip

Rugged and challenging backpacking trips for people looking for full immersion into nature. We'll still cook for you but you've got to setup camp. Will require hiking several miles with gear.

Advanced Excursion

Extreme adventure only for those with strong outdoor skills. We will provide supplies like food, water and transport but you'll need to survive on your own otherwise.

Adventure Schedule

Affordable, turnkey getaways on the last weekend of every month

Sabine National Forest

February 28 (F) to March 2 (Su)

Adventure Level: Intermediate

Explore the pineywoods of East Texas on this ~15 mile trek between the Toledo Bend Reservoir and Lake Sam Rayburn.

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Marfa, Texas

March 27 (F) to March 29 (Su)

Adventure Level: Easy

Experience the magic of Marfa, TX on this getaway packed with art, authentic meals and Texan culture.

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Big Bend National Park

April 24 (F) to April 26 (Su)

Adventure Level: Intermediate

Conquer the iconic "South Rim" hike in The Chisos Mountains at Big Bend National Park.

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Devils River

May 29 (F) to May 31 (Su)

Adventure Level: Advanced

Float and fish for over 30 miles down one of Texas' most pristine waterways, Devil's River, in two days near Del Rio, Texas.

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Galveston Island

June 26 (F) to June 28 (Su)

Adventure Level: Easy

Lounge in the sand on the gulf coast and experience a variety of adventures to be had on the island.

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Matagorda Bay

July 24 (F) to July 26(Th)

Adventure Level: Easy

Cast off from our beach camp on various fishing adventures in the Matagorda Bay on the gulf coast.

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Guadalupe Mountains National Park

September 25 (F) to September 27 (Su)

Adventure Level: Intermediate

Journey on the Texas Highpoint Trail to the the highest point in Texas, Guadalupe Peak, topping out at 8,750'.

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Lost Maples State Park

October 23 (F) to October 25 (Su)

Adventure Level: Easy

Explore serene fall foliage that is second to none in Texas. Hike in to camp deep in the heart of the nature.

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Enchanted Rock

November 27 (F) to November 29 (Su)

Adventure Level: Beginner

Getaway the day after Thanksgiving to iconic Enchanted Rock with pristine hikes and backcountry camping.

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Big Bend 100

December 3rd (Th) to December 13th (Su)

Adventure Level: Advanced

Conquer the best 100 miles of Big Bend beauty in this very challenging, 9-day journey culminating on the South Rim of The Chisos Mountains.

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