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Safe and healthy adventures for those looking to escape the city without the hassle and planning of self-planned adventure trips.

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2020 Adventures

Experience nature on a budget,
without roughing it.

Introducing your easy button for engaging experiences in the real world to help get you off your phone meeting people in real life.
All-inclusive adventure trips

On the last weekend of every month, Grand Land organizes a small group adventure to an iconic, outdoor destination in Texas. Keep scrolling to see the schedule.

A community of up and comers

Grand Land's community is open to all people; however, our primary guests are up and coming professionals living in Austin, TX. Most of us work in a digital job and love Grand Land because it's a way to disconnect for a bit and soak in the bigger picture.

Private team Experiences

For people looking to create long-lasting bonds between team members, Grand Land has developed sophisticated yet low-cost experiences proven to jumpstart employee engagement, productivity and retention. Email with inquiries.

Adventure Schedule

Affordable, all-inclusive getaways on the last weekend of every month
Backpack Texas 2020
Explore the top outdoor destinations in Texas and make a bunch of new friends along the way.